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Ewan is a family run company established in 1993.
We mainly focus on Cut Make Trim ( CMT ) service of stockings, tights and thermal clothing.

All fabrics are being supplied by our customers and garment is produced according to their requirements.

We specialize in flat seams stitching on Autolap machines (lady thin/thick pantyhose, cotton tights for children and men ). With two needle lockstich machines we join laces with stockings. Further to this we can offer fishnet stockings (including cutting, toe closing, rubber and gusset sewing).

In 2013 our factory started to produce synthetic base layers using flat seams. Fast growing market of thermal clothing and increased number of orders resulted in changing priorities in our production. Now we mainly focus on thermal underwear that become popular in all outdoor sport activities.

Longstanding cooperation with the most demanding customers made quality, reliability and punctuality our main priorities.

We can help you to solve all production problems you had before.
Save your time and money with us.

Quality, punctuality and reasonable prices are our key advantages.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon